As more of our lives are being consumed by work, TV, computer games, social media and many other distractions, the real-world time we spend with our family, friends and loved ones is rapidly diminishing.

TipSticks has been developed as a fun and playful way of regaining this quality time.

Our TipSticks categories include:

Tips” for creating special bonding moments
Dares” that will have you laughing for years
Rewards” to teach children positive behaviours

TipSticks, ‘Creating a lifetime of memories!’

Screen Time Rewards

Does it feel like you’re constantly competing with a screen when it comes to getting your child’s attention?

If you’re like most families these days, your child’s screen time is probably stealing family time – and taking away from life’s most precious moments.

Screen Time Rewards helps to teach children sensible and positive behavior patterns for the use of mobile devices.

And it’s a program designed to promote and encourage the importance of quality family time.

Kids can choose from a range of fun and helpful household chores that when completed, earn them the privilege of having their own screen time.

So, you get more help around the house, more appreciation from your kids for their screen time… and time spent together creating a lifetime of memories.

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Chore Rewards

Teach your kids positive, hardworking habits that will last a lifetime.

Chore Rewards is a fun and exciting way to reward your kids for their hard work around the house.

By teaching them how to work hard and play hard, they’ll develop positive behaviors around working for their rewards.

From cleaning their room, washing up, or feeding the pets, they’ll appreciate working hard for what they want.

Just imagine an extra set of eager helping hands around the house and an enthusiastic attitude towards earning their rewards!

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Daddy and Daughter Date 5+

There’s nothing sweeter than a daddy-daughter bond.

Imagine how much fun it would be to create something together, build something, or share a laugh while flying a kite or playing outdoors.

The Daddy Daughter Date 5+ list of fun activities makes it easy for you to build that trusting relationship and give them that guidance and support to take them into their teenage years.

Kids grow up so fast so don’t miss out on these special bonding moments.

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Mummy and Son Date 5+

The best thing about being a mum to a young son is being able to share quality time and help instill confidence in him.

Mummy and Son Date 5+ gives you a load of exciting options so that you’ll both be looking forward to every mum and son opportunity you get!

Get him to teach you a new sport, or go on an adventure.

Who knows, you may end up lost in the outdoors but one things for sure, you’ll find yourselves a lot closer together with dedicated mum and son time.

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Mummy and Daughter Date 5+

One of the most beautiful relationships is between a mother and her daughter. Find common interests or explore something new!

With Mummy and Daughter Date 5+ you’ll have an endless supply of fun bonding ideas while you can share secrets, offer advice and build healthy communication.

These are the most important years of your daughter’s life so establish the necessary relationship you want to have that will set you both up for her teenage years.

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Daddy and Son Activity 5+

Dads have a very real influence on their son’s personal development and it’s great to share some common interests from an early age.

Sure, every dad wishes they could spend more time with their son but by maximizing precious time together and doing something you both enjoy, your relationship will be sure to grow.

With Daddy and Son 5+ we give you some great ideas for fun experiences you can share through their early years.

Make the most of these precious moments!

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Mum and Daughter Date 10+

There’s nothing quite like a mother daughter best friend relationship.

Bond in special ways that let you build trust, share your feelings and have those intimate discussions.

Oftentimes these are best shared over a fun activity that makes her feel like she’s becoming a woman.

From spa dates to high teas to baking, Mum and Daughter Date 10+ helps you create a fun atmosphere and watch as you become more open with each other and build a beautiful friendship based on love and respect.

What are you waiting for? Go and set yourself up for a lifelong friendship!

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Dad and Son Activity 10+

A close daddy-son relationship developed in the younger years is so special and will keep that bond for years to come.

Now is the time to find new and exciting ways to strengthen your loving, trusting relationship.

Why not learn a new skill together or get outdoors and teach them some lifelong, character building lessons?

Dad and Son Activity 10+ is full of positive activities that will be sure to make memories that the two of you will be talking about for years to come.

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Daddy and Daughter Date 10+

As a dad, you have a great influence over your teenage daughter’s life.

She looks to you as a role model and for support.

The memories you create together in her teens are irreplaceable so make sure they’re fun, self-esteeming and confidence boosting.

Daddy and Daughter Date 10+ has a range of enjoyable ideas to help you connect and guide her into the teenage years.

Laugh together, build something or learn a new skill together.

Whatever you do, have fun – she’ll be a grown up before you know it!

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Mum and Son Date 10+

Teenage sons are always chasing exciting, unexpected and adventurous activities.

With Mum and Son Date 10+ you can spontaneously grab his attention with creative ideas for spending time together, just you and him, in ways you’ll both love!

Let him show you how well he can do something or develop some common interests together.

The more quality time you spend together the closer you’ll become.

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Date Night 18+

Are you new to dating or in a new relationship?

Date Night 18+ makes it easy to keep your dates varied and exciting, no matter what stage of dating you’re in!

These fun ideas will help you get to know each other better or simply reconnect. From outdoor activities, learn more about each other and have a laugh while you’re doing it.

Take it in turns to choose from a variety of activities and have fun planning.

Make Date Night a regular night to look forward to!

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Date Night 30+

Is it time to add some spice back into your relationship?

With Date Night 30+ we make it easy for you to keep it alive and exciting!

It all starts with the fun of deciding what you want to do for date night. Then, the two of you can build the excitement knowing that it will be something new and appealing to your senses every time.

From romantic dinners and massages to outdoor activities or a cozy picnic or movie night.

You will be delighted to see how effortless and fun organizing a date can be; in fact watch and see how quickly you’ll be wanting to set the next date.

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Hens Night Dares

It’s not everyday your best friend gets married right?

So it’s only right to give her a night she’ll never forget!

With Hen’s Night Dares you’ll create memories you’ll all be laughing about for years.

You’ll be guaranteed an entertaining night as you all get through a series of ridiculous tasks and embarrassing activities.

Even the shyest of hens will enjoy being the centre of attention for at least one night and why not make it as memorable as possible.

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