As parents to 4 beautiful screen addicted children, TipSticks was founded with the view of managing our children’s screen time and to help create more family time.

As the concept around Screen Time Rewards was being created, we decided we wanted more one-one time with our children, so along came Daddy/Mummy and Son/Daughter Dates and Activities.

So,……we now have screen time under control, one-one time with our children, but what about together time? We both lead very busy professional careers that consume our time, add the new-found time with our kids, managing theirs and our social activities left very little “us” time. Then came the birth of Date Night’s!

We realised we needed dedicated time together. No screen time, no work, no kids and no social activities, just “us” time, doing things that we wouldn’t normally do every day to keep that spark going in our relationship of 19 years.

As the dust settled, we started talking to our friends and family about the concept of TipSticks and more ideas kept coming around different categories we could add. Chore Rewards was then added to reward kids for their help around the house financially rather than with screen time. Then Hens Night Dares. Created by one of the crazy girls in our office who wanted to create a night that her Hen friends would never forget and to help creating a lifetime of memories for her and her friends that they will be laughing about for years.

TipSticks from the initial concept has been all about “Creating a Lifetime of Memories” which then became our tag line!

We hope you too can enjoy Creating a Lifetime of Memories using TipSticks like we are.

Yvonne & Mark Winter
Founders and Creators of TipSticks