Hens Night Dares

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It’s not every day your best friend gets married, so it’s only right to give her a night she’ll never forget!

Hens Night Dares is jam-packed full of ridiculous, fun and slightly embarrassing activities that will challenge the Hen and her friends.

You’ll be guaranteed a wicked, harmless and mischievous evening of entertainment, that will have you telling stories… and laughing for years to come.

Even the shyest of hens will enjoy being the center of attention.

It’s time to send her out of single life, with a bang! After all, what are friends for?

With Hens Night Dares, you’ll be creating a lifetime of memories.

How you use Hens Night Dares:
Each stick has a cheeky dare for the hen to do on her hen’s night (i.e. Take a photo with a policeman, Pinch a waiter’s bum, Sing “like a virgin” loudly).

Have the hen randomly select a stick from the bag and this is the dare she has to complete.

Each Tip, Reward or Dare will create a memory and tell a story. We’d love to see or hear about one of yours.


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