Screen Time Rewards

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Does it feel like you’re constantly competing with a screen when it comes to getting your child’s attention?

If you’re like most families these days, your child’s screen time is probably stealing family time – and taking away from life’s most precious moments.

Screen Time Rewards helps to teach children sensible and positive behavior patterns for the use of mobile devices.

And it’s a program designed to promote and encourage the importance of quality family time.

Kids can choose from a range of fun and helpful household chores that when completed, earn them the privilege of having their own screen time.

So, you get more help around the house, more appreciation from your kids for their screen time… and time spent together creating a lifetime of memories.

How you use them:

Each stick has a chore and a Screen Time Reward (i.e. Clean Your Room – 30mins, Help Make Dinner – 30mins, Feed the Animals – 15mins).

Option 1: Randomly pick out 1 or more sticks from the bag and that’s the chore/s they have to complete to earn their Screen Time Reward.

Option 2: Allow your child to go through the chores and select a predetermined number of chores they would like to complete to get their Screen Time Reward.

It’s that simple and it works!

Each Tip, Reward or Dare will create a memory and tell a story. We’d love to see or hear about one of yours.


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