Mum and Daughter Date 10+

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There’s no friendship quite like that of mother and daughter.

Mum and Daughter Date 10+ has all sorts of special activities that will help you and your daughter continue to strengthen your close bond and build that level of trust and connection she’ll rely on as she goes from teenager to young woman.

With all sorts of experiences to share – from spa dates and high teas, to baking and getting active – there’s lots that you can do together to ensure a lifelong friendship of love, understanding and respect.

Isn’t it time to start creating a lifetime of memories?

How you use Mummy/Daughter Dates:
Each stick has a fun activity you can enjoy with your child (i.e. Build a fort, bike ride, camping, do each other’s make-up).

Randomly select a stick from the bag and that’s the activity you will do together.

Each Tip, Reward or Dare will create a memory and tell a story. We’d love to see or hear about one of yours.


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