Mum and Daughter Date 5+

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The relationship between a mother and her daughter is one that can turn from nurturer to that of best friend.

With Mummy and Daughter Date 5+ you can choose from an endless supply of fun, creative, bonding ideas. You can share lots of laughs – and girlie secrets – and make sure that the communication flow you have continues to strengthen and grow.

Mummy and Daughter 5+ can be that integral step in helping you both establish the next stage in your relationship – one that will ensure you’re connected on all the right levels as she starts to develop her own identity.

Isn’t it time to start creating a lifetime of memories?

How you use Mummy/Daughter Dates:
Each stick has a fun activity you can enjoy with your child (i.e. Build a fort, bike ride, camping, do each other’s make-up).

Randomly select a stick from the bag and that’s the activity you will do together.

Each Tip, Reward or Dare will create a memory and tell a story. We’d love to see or hear about one of yours.


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